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About Fire Pre-Planning

OHFR believes strongly in the pre-planning process, and considers accurate and current pre-plans will strengthen the fire suppression services for the Oak Hill Fire Department and will assure the community of having the best possible fire suppression for our community's structures. 


Performing pre-planning includes several separate key parts.  Including but not limited to contact information, building construction type, occupancy type, location of all entrances and exits, presence of alarm systems and sprinkler systems, breaker box locations, and utility shut-off by ways of maps, property drawings and floor plans, facility insurance surveys, facility fire alarm and sprinkler drawings/specs, and other facility emergency plans. From the roof to the floor, we take photos and gather information about hazards, contents, the structure/construction, fire protection and other key features of the building. This is not inspections but a plan to help suppress fire should an emergency occur.


Who needs pre-planning?  Churches, schools, office buildings, apartment buildings, merchants, factories, agricultural property, laboratories, and other structures.

Why do I need pre-planning?  This information becomes the “user manual” for firefighters and emergency responders to understand how the building should perform and operate in an emergency and to maximize protection for occupants, responding personnel, property, and the environment. 

 Is a pre-plan the same as a fire inspection?  A Pre-Plan is NOT a Fire Inspection. It is used only as a method of gathering information for an emergency situation, not as a code enforcement procedure.

Who do I contact? Call the Oak Hill Fire Department, contact the Chief, or send us an email. Select Contact us for information. 

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