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Last Updated November 18th, 2016.

Firefighters battle all types of fires including vehicle fires, brush fires, house/structural fires, chemical fires, and many others including industrial fires and plant explosions.  In this line of work, hazards are extremely high.  Firefighters are all outfitted with structural fire gear (helmet, gloves, turnout coat/pants, boots).  Most fires are fought with the firefighter wearing an SCBA (air pack) since many toxins are present in smoke filled air. Other specialized gear may be worn during specific types of incidents such as brush fires or chemical fires.

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From house fires, to vehicle fires and wildland fires, Oak Hill Fire & Rescue works in conjunction with several other county, state and government agenicies to provide the citizens of the community with the most comprehensive services possible.

Engine 1 is our newest firefighting apparatus.  It seats 5 personnel and features an up-to-date pumping and water flow system, a compressed air foam system, and all of the latest warning devices to alert those on the road of it’s presence.

The two big “landmark certifications” to achieve in the NC fire services are the statuses of “NC Certified Firefighter Level I & II”.  Several courses must be completed to achieve each title and many of the courses involve a live practical exam in which the student must perform certain functions learned in order to pass.



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